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Definitely five stars, after having some experiences developing my page with web design companies, I came to realize that they just try to invest the least time possible and to the least direct contact with the client, take time to explain, provide orientation or suggest ideas for the development. Finally I was fortunate to meet Hector, from whom I've received a personal attention, paid attention to my needs, doubts and provided orientation for the page development, which has helped to have a better understanding on how to get the most, resulting in a good money and time investment. Thank you much for the time you gave to this project.


Actually, its a pleasure to write this recognition to Online Survival for the great job they did for me. Must thank the company and it's representative Hector, since from my position I have been enthralled with the personal attention and the job done and, that as it may, I was also very happy with the investment and delivery times. I received more than I expected. Again, thank you very much Online Survival for a well done job!

Y. B.Director

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I would like to highly recommend Online Survival for Website building and design if you have never delved into this realm before. You are taken step by step and clearly explained what is occurring as your website gets built. There are no stops as to what CAN be done. In dealing with vendors, you do run into things the "vendor" cannot provide. Working with Online Survival was a breath of fresh air in that regards.

As a manager, you don't want to hear all the technical jargon as to why something cannot be done, you just have a concept of what you want to do and Online Survival just does it. Period.

Upon putting up the website for our Restaurant, we have already received 10 reservations, that we would not have had otherwise, in the first 3 days of it going up.

I would like to thank Hector for making this a pleasure to produce and for his professionalism throughout the duration of this project. Now we have something to be proud of to show our guests if they want more information about our business.

I. Q.Hotel Manager

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Online Survival created a new website for my company earlier this year and I am getting regular compliments from customers: it is very easy to follow, it communicates very well who we are and what we do, and people love it.

Hector also designed it to be compatible with mobile devices so we wont lose business.

Thank you for a job well done.

H. B.Business Owner

Having my own website was something I wanted for a very long time, but I did not know how to achieve this. So, it was my good fortune to be introduced to Hector, web designer. He developed a lovely website for my paintings and, although it has only been up for a short time, many compliments have already been received on his design. Hector did an excellent job - always courteous and with the "can do" spirit - no matter how busy he is.

L. C.Painter, Artist