Who We Are

Inspiration. Imagination. Creation.

As a Web Designer & Graphic Designer and business man, I have a very good idea of the things you encounter out there. That is precisely why I know you will find the optimal solutions here, at Online Survival. I will make sure you get the solution that better fits your project and your budget, and we will deliver it. Hector - CEO

Towards the end of 1999, and before the famous "Y2K", we had our first Web Page online. Since then, we haven't looked back and we have evolved and improved with the internet - always getting that "new thing" and added value to our Clients, while being within our customer's budget.
By 2013 we moved to California, and Online Survival came to be as it is today. The name is new, but not the experience or our spirit and willingness to keep learning new technologies and new ways to get the job done efficiently.
These are some of the things that have made the difference in these 16+ years of website design and learning.
We know the best is yet to come and you are part of it.

Our Management Team

Onine Survival

Loves cats & dogs. Likes all types of food (mostly) and found the thruth in Sushi. Movie fan (Sci-Fi, of course) and gamer. Has an MBA degree and a passion for Web Design.

Onine Survival

Cats, dogs, pigs and monkeys are her pets of choice. Loves to cook and celebrate holidays with the family. Has studies in Communication and Social Media.