Optimized Websites for Mobiles

With the technological revolution we have been living in, things have changed forever. The way we communicate and share content changed, making everything mobile, so it also and can be carried on a smartphone.

Mobile sites have had to adapt to the technological and cultural revolution, as consumers are more demanding on this regards.

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Web design has had to evolve and meet current requirements as to a website to be compatible with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Chrome, Safari and Opera) and be able to be seen in any mobile device.

Mobile web design has taken hold with the arrival of mobile phones. As we know, a company should be able to cover as much as possible in all media, which means having social accounts, having a blog, a website and an optimized mobile web page.

A web designer must take into consideration not only the simplicity of the site, its weight (the speed it takes to load), the graphic content, colors and typography, but should also consider the compatibility with browsers and “mobility”.

There is a big difference between a mobile website and a traditional website, the first and foremost: the design space, as a traditional one is designed for a large screen where the mobile is designed for screens from 4 inches up. Also, the order of the icons and content are modified due to the reorganization of space; the colors and graphics have to be supported and compatible. A web designer has to handle all these points.

With this mobile evolution, its key for us to be up-to-date. Talk to your web designer to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Another thing, we can use mobile technology to our advantage, for example: use the GPS in our favor, showing branches of some business related to the user's search.

Modernizing, innovating and improving is necessary to not fall behind and lose our competitiveness. Optimizing your page to make it mobile friendly should be a priority after creating and when maintaining your website.