Important Points on your Web Design

When looking for a web design whether for your website, blog, etc., you should consider the following points:

Mobile Website: This is VERY key nowadays since more and more users are taking advantage of their smartphones and tablets (not only computers) to find the products and services and you provide.

The text also draws: some web designers feels that images are more important than the information. Both are important but in the end, the information is what people search for.

Top left: According to different studies, the eyes focus on this corner, so the best web design must make this area striking.

The left side is appealing: According to different mappings and researches, users tend to view the pages in the form of an F, so this should give you a guideline for your web design.

Web ads: If you’re planning to place ads on your site, it's best to be creative with what you put and how you put it into your design, as users increasingly ignore banners more and more.

Consult an expert: consulting an expert in web design is essential. Web designers know their business and what is optimal, so your site has the best design and your content shines.

Fonts (characters): the characters (font type and style) your web designer uses, has a strong influence in the reading of the text, making it easier or harder on the user. This is very important to bear in mind when reviewing your website.

Numbers are numbers: instead of writing the numbers within your design, is better put it as such - numbers, for example: 4, not four.

Short phrases: when creating content for your users, the suggestion that experts do is to use short sentences since these call the attention of the reader, more than long texts or paragraphs.

Images: images must be a key ingredient in your design. You should talk to your designer and see that these are large and well placed. Image quality is also very important.

User friendly: your website should be intuitive so users can browse at ease, without support nor complications. Your web designer knows this, but its good you keep it in mind.

Let creative people do their job: this point may sound harsh, but just provide the specifications and let the creative guys do their part. Give your point of view, its important, but let them develop.

Now that you have the basics of web design, you can talk to your designer for him/her to build the best site and, for the web page to do its job: getting you to be known.