Graphic Design for Websites

A website is a means of contact between companies and customers, as well as is your online business card. It is a means of distributing content and information in addition to functioning as a mailbox for complaints, suggestions, observations and a sales platform if you have an online store for example.

Having a website is essential for any company today, as the internet has become the most used means of communication in both business to business, and business to customer and the other way around; a reason that makes it vital for any business of any size.

But it is not just a matter of having a simple website, but also it must be eye - catching, intuitive and easy to use for web surfers, must be optimized for different browsers and mobile devices.

The graphic design on a website is essential because this will form the image of the page, the first thing you see, so, what we want to convey we need to transmit it in a positive and clear way through the web design of our online page.

The web design is branch of graphic design which is focused on the image to pages, sites, blogs and virtual companies, following the pattern of the harmony of colors and other techniques to create a professional and creative image of the company, Instead, the web art focuses on the creation of aesthetics and appearance of the web as such, it is created without necessarily guidelines but rather continue under the influence of the creativity and passion, breaking paradigms and rules of the art itself. The web art is focused on designing paintings, sketches, images using digital techniques mostly.

The big difference between web design and web art is that one follows guidelines, requirements, techniques, takes concrete and specific steps and the other is the product of creativity and ideas of a person looking at all costs avoid restrictions on their job.

Whether you decide to go with a graphic designer, expert in web design or a web artist, the results have to be truly creative, impactful and intuitive so that our site is the best, plus can even be mixed jobs because the web designer can create the structure of the platform and the web artist adds that special and unique touch that only art can give.

Whatever option you choose, our website should always be striking and convey our essence, so that the user feel confident and free to choose what they need and/or want.