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  • How can you help me get a website?Open or Close

    We'll help you get your website!

    Either by you taking advantage of our Web Speciales: a full website for $600, or by developing a customized site.

    In both cases, we will work with you and within your budget.

  • Why should I have a website?Open or Close

    There are many, many reasons why its the right move, but perhaps the most relevant questions to determine "why" of "if" are: do you have an idea, product, service or good that you would like others to know about? Do you need more contacts, leads or sells? Does your competitor have a website?

    If you answer is yes to any of those questions then yes, you must have a website to promote, showcase, communicate and get in contact with your audience.

    Now, why a website? Simply put the internet has become the source when someone looks for information, a product, fashion, news, medicine, entertainment, etc., etc. This is not because we want to put it that way, good or bad, is the way most people around you in your city look for goods and services.

    Here are some facts to consider:

    We are about than 2.5 Billion users
    70% of internet users use it every day
    More locally, about 78.5% of americans use internet
    8 new persons start using internet every second
    62% of persons use internet when searching for "something"
    58% of persons use internet for shopping
    Users spend about 3 hours on social media every day

    Yes, a website is key for any business and activity - and we are here to help you get one within your budget.

  • What is the cost to build my website now, during construction and after?Open or Close

    Now: what our estimate describes is what the cost is going to be.

    During construction: same as what we already estimated. The only time we change pricings is when a client adds things while we're developing.

    After: none.

    Please do remember that things like domains, hosting, certificates and the like, in most cases, have a yearly renewal cost which varies from one provider to another. We can look it up for you. As for Online Survival, we do not have hidden costs nor monthly/yearly fees.

  • How can I get an estimate for a website?Open or Close

    You can call or write:

    (323) 535-2159


    Use our Contact Page.

  • How do I know my web page is being seen by others?Open or Close

    There are different ways to know:

    The most used ones, and free, are the reporting systems from Google & Bing.

    Certain Social Media networks also can provide their reporting system. Most of them are free.

    Other resources: there are quite a number of sites that can monitor visits to your web page, some of them charge, others give that as a free service. Now, most of them use Google and/or Bing.

    Paid services: there are a number of companies that provide this monitoring service on a fee-based plan. Once again, the great majority use Google and/or Bing engines to do the task and then this companies create their custom reports.

    Monitoring and reporting from Google and Bing come with your website when built by Online Survival.

  • What guarantee I have the web design company is not going to fail?Open or Close

    In our case, there are two main factors why we won't fail:

    1. Reputation. In the end, your reputation is what protects you and is all you have when doing business.

    2. Cost. Typically, a website is paid in 2 installments: 50% when hired and 50% once finished. It is in our best interest we complete the project fast and well done for us to get the second payment.

    Additionally, you can review real Customer Testimonials and see what our clients think about their interaction with Online Survival.

  • How can I make my website to be known?Open or Close

    In short: promotion.

    As any business, a website needs promotion. Nowadays this is made via social networks like Facebook, GooglePlus, etc., by having and mantaining such channels updated.

    Make sure your site is noted in all your emails (as a footer note or by your signature), as well as in all you stationary, business cards and any piece of written communication you send or hand out - including flyers and any and all pieces of promotion. This has a value over time and, even though is slow, has a tremendous importance.

    Another good tip to increase visits is to have you site listed in as many online directories and sites as possible. A good amount of said directories are free - take advantage of that!

    Paid promotion such as TV, AdWords, PayPerClick, Social Media campaigns, etc., will have a quick impact and how many visitors you'll get depend on how much money you invest. If you have the resources, go ahead!

    Another important tip is to have a plan for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), either contratce dto another company or done by yourself. There are many ways to do this and is a great way to be known, mostly if you already have competitors who are on the internet or "online".

    The ideal scenario would be to have resources for paid promotion (for quick results) and long-term promotion such as social media presence, a well-built website, a good propagation of your name/brand on as many sites as possible and, at least, some sort of SEO going.

  • How long it takes to build my website?Open or Close

    Usually, just few weeks. About 2-3 weeks for a small site, and 4-6 weeks for a mid-sized website. Larger projects may requiere months.

    The main factors that accelerate or stall the construction of you website are:

    Content: images, texts, videos, etc. Most times this comes from the client and this is, perhaps, the most key factor when it comes to how fast the site can be built.

    Time to interact with your web designer: there are times when your web designer needs your point of view. Your availability plays an important role here and could delay the construction.

    Just as a side note, once we have to build a 12 pages website in a record time of 5 days: from nothing to fully completed and launch.

  • Will you build a mobile website?Open or Close

    Yes. As the web is changing and progressing, so are we. All the websites we build are mobile friendly/mobile ready sites.

  • How many pages does a website can have?Open or Close

    The ones you needed.

    Typically, one webpage from our Web Specials has: Home Page + 4 to 5 internal pages, such as: About Us, Photo Gallery, Services and/or Products and a Contact Us page.

    For other projects, we handle each one separately and, after hearing what is needed, we provide a taylor-made solution that is within your budget and contains the items you are looking for.

  • Can you show jobs you've done?Open or Close

    Of course!

    Review our portoflio for some jobs we have done on web design, graphic design and other areas.

    If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate and contact us.

  • Are there other costs when buillding a website?Open or Close

    In our estimate, we provide the cost for your website. There are no other costs at our end unless, of course, you add things that were not considered at first.

    Also bear in mind that there might be other costs as part of having a website, for example a domain name or a hosting (to have your site secure and available for all to see). If we detect you'll need such items, we'll include those in our estimate or will let you know so you can plan accordingly.

    Is also worth noting domain and hosting plans are, typically, renewed on a yearly basis. The price varies from one provider to another. If you want an exact pricing on this, we can review it and let you know.

  • Having a website, generates customers?Open or Close

    It does!

    With more and more users searching the internet for products and services, you can definitely create your space and generate new leads, customers and sales.

    As a note: eCommerce has been growing 17% every year for the last 5 years alone. Claim your share!

  • Can you really understand what I'm looking for on a website?Open or Close


    This is something that set us apart: we first fully understand what is it you're looking for on your website and then get to it, present it to you for approval and get it done.

    On this regards, Online Survival has a 100% achievement record. Actually, we don't consider the site as "done" until it's fully approved by you.

  • Do I receive advice from a webmaster?Open or Close

    Yes, you do.

    From beginning to end, a web designer and webmaster from Online Survival will work with you on your website.

  • What do you specialize in?Open or Close

    Website design and graphic design are our top specializations.

    Due to the many requests we receive, we also help our customer with Social Media and other web-related matters.

  • Do you charge per hour or per job?Open or Close

    On web design we charge per job or project. We provide you with an estimate and guide ourselves by it.

    There are other projects we do where we charge per hour such as updates, transfers, maintenance and others.

  • Can you do maintenance to my website?Open or Close

    We do provide full maintenance to all the websites we build.

    If you need maintenance to a site built by another person or company, we'll be glad to take a look into it and provide you with an estimate.

  • What is included with my web page?Open or Close

    All what is needed for a complete website:
    Design according to your activity.
    Web Programming/Development.
    Search Engine Registration: Google, Bing, Yahoo.
    Domain Name Registration.
    Web Hosting Registration.
    Personalized e-mails: yourName@yourCompany.com.
    Free "Under Construction" Page.
    Reporting Systems from Google & Bing.

    Other Domain extensions such as: .ca, .us, .biz, etc., are available. Ask us for any special one you have in mind and we'll see if its available.

    Domain, Hosting and email accounts can be provided through our selected providers.

    If you already have Domain and/or Hosting, personalized emails are dependant upon the plan you have with your provider. We'll check it out and let you know.

  • Do you do logo design?Open or Close

    Yes, we do logo design.

    If we detect the need before building your website, we can include it on the estimate, or we can separately give you a quotation - we do have very convenient and affordable prices.

  • Doing Re-design or Re-construction to my websiteOpen or Close

    This is something we have done numerous times where a customer finds that is just better to do a new site than trying to "fix the old one".

    We can re-design or re-do your website. Let us know what is needed and we'll provide you with an estimate.